you've got a friend in me -

and you can start by calling me liv!

the last thing I want to do is try and convince you I'm cool, so I'll give you this random list of facts about me instead:

  • give me your top 5 favourite songs and I'll make you a playlist hours long whether you asked for it or not.
  • I love all animals, especially horses (I was a horse girl....if you know you KNOW) - I also have two adorable cats!!!
  • I grew up with tons of photos of me and my family living every day life + I cherish them so much more than any posed session we ever had .
  • travelling to new parts of the world always makes me feel like a high schooler with my headphones in on the bus starring in my own *cringe* but fantastical movie.
  • I love shooting film as well as digital, something about that good ol' fashion warmth and grain of film you just can't replicate.
  • I often joke couples hire me partly for my photography, but mostly as a guaranteed extra to cry during their wedding.
  • it's not uncommon to exchange memes and music with my couples on the regular.
  • I was the kid writing notes with printed photos + baking cookies for my friends on valentines day because all cheesy stuff aside, love has always been what I gravitate toward.

we probably have something in common there + I'd love to find out what!

don't be shy!

send me an email, hop on a call, or grab a beverage I won't judge you for - whatever works for you, works for me.

can't wait to get to know you!