top secret(s)

when I met these two over a year ago, they were the bubbliest (literally sipping twisted teas as they greeted me in the driveway), most kind hearted, thoughtful and madly in love couple, ever. seriously, I cannot stress enough how in awe I was of them after that first meeting.

so when dayna reached out to me about surprising her boyfriend james with a pregnancy reveal during a session, I was all in.

what I didn't expect, was within the same week to get a message from James wanting to surprise Dayna with a beautiful ring and a big question during a session.

some serious tip-toeing around them and sneaky plans put in motion was time for it all to come together.

James had instructed me to play "their song" over my bluetooth speaker for when he dropped to his knee - something I always use during sessions, so having the song queued up and rolling into the playlist was no problem.

meanwhile, Dayna had prepared her "rad like dad" baby onsie to do the talking for her, since seeing his reaction would surely bring her to the inconsolable point of tears.

and well.......the rest is history.