Late July always gets me,

and I knew immediately after wrapping this session, I would be stuck editing at the computer on my own accord - and writing about this intimate evening

in a way that allows you to feel it.

a vintage truck from an incredible friend, a gorgeous property from another, and two hometown hunnies to complete the scene.

starting the night in burning red, j + l sipped on beers and hung their bodies off the edges of restored bits from weathered days. they swatted bugs, and smudged lipgloss. pressed foreheads and ran fingers through any bit of skin they could press their palms into.

we followed the sun over the hill,

and I photographed no interactions that weren't entirely their own. a song on a speaker, and knees knocking together as they danced - a weekday means nothing for two months of the year.

then the evening turned blue.

string lights that wrapped the wood in heat dangled above their heads,

encouraging the closing in of chests and mouths that swallowed bubbles of the same hue.

if they had noticed me at all, you couldn't tell - choosing eachother over and over again with words creeping into grains of the walls surrounding them.

when did we stop playing?

at what age did we not run anymore for sake of burning limbs? honesty in laughter is transparency in love - oh the peace of

re-experiencing parts of yourself, together.

I watch and admire the last names that change place,

pressing sparkling objects above a knuckle.

the choice of merge and makeshift, and roads that route to home.