january was long, right?

without googling it, i don't know the general age most people decide to implement a really solid, and consistent a morning routine. i'm talking, "i will do these things every morning, no matter where i am, because i enjoy them and value them for my mental and physical health." level of dedication.

this feels like a personal topic to dive into on my very first post, however i do think it's a really great one to have direct insight into someone elses brain for. if you're a working creative, do you relate?

the things i've learned about my routine

is that it's new.

after having very little routine for all of december and absolute (good) wedding chaos may through november the past year, it takes time to adjust to a new routine. i've had to be gentle on myself that i'm not doing "more". that more will come.

i have an itch to join a spin class. i've started cooking some really good homemade meals. i'm feeling very inspired and excited about wedding season.

i feel overall really good, which means this routine is working for me, for now.

what i think i've learned is most important to my mental and physical health as i've gotten older is maintaining a routine in general. as a full time creative, it can be hard to predict a very consistent schedule and days will look very different from one another when sessions, full days shooting weddings, meetings, and personal and social dynamics all come into play. having a base level routine i can add to or take from feels like a really strong first step into something a few years ago i felt was more of a luxury vs. necessity.

how do i prepare for wedding season?

from january to april i find myself indulging in art that sparks my creativity and reminds me winter will end and days will get longer.
this includes getting around to movies i haven't had the time to sit down and watch yet, often the long ones. i really enjoyed "poor things" recently. i will link the trailer below.

every year i challenge myself to learn one new skill. this keeps the toolkit fresh. it also helps slowly wake my brain from her well deserved rest.

and then there's the pinterest boards...

twenty twenty four inspo board

trailer for "poor things" film mentioned above.

i truly recommend to anyone who enjoys a beautiful and thoughtful piece of art out of their movies. fisheye angles. black and white. larger than life colour. outfits that are otherworldly. this was just a really great piece.

some photos love island would probably call the "unseen bits"

but really just photos i've been enjoying in both my personal and professional life

film and digital.

music is always playing in my apartment...

podcasts too, sometimes. but music is a constant from the second i wake up through most of my day no matter how it looks. it's a huge part of who i am, and what i consume, and i love to share it with people.

a song i've been enjoying lately is from a band in toronto called "little kid". i first saw them a few years prior opening for another band, and quickly fell in love with their work. think sujan stevens, bon iver, bob dylan....heart-wrenching goodness. something you want to listen to wrapped up in a blanket. songs to dip your toes into the water at the end of the cottage dock too. however i put it won't give you the right feeling until your experience it yourself.

okay, this has been fun!

the purpose of this little blog post is to create a low pressure way to check in with you all month to month or so. connect. share. humanize myself beyond an instagram account. and chat with you about anything that speaks to you and may feel connected to.

wishing you have a wonderful week, and am looking forward to more of this time together!