another month has gone by...

and this one feels a little lighter than the last few.

another month closer to tulips sprouting from the dirt, and green taking over the landscapes palette.


it's been a month of self exploration leading into a new year of weddings. with new stories to tell and new relationships to nurture, i've been leaning into where inspirations pulls me. as mentioned in last months blog post, movies are intertwined deeply into the way i see the world in front of me, and this month, one movie really stood out and resonated with the sort of style that means the most to me. shot in new england, this movie features heartwarming characters, a 70's aesthetic and a classic tale of recognizing another's human experience as important as one's own.

this month i had some updated photos done for me, too!
here's a little look into that.

this month in music...

i've been wanting to attempt my music in a studio for a long time, and i'm the luckiest girl in the world to have made pals with some of the finest folks in the business.

unfortunately i can't provide a sound clip yet, but i anticipate a late spring release on streaming platforms!

the upcoming single gives me a feeling similar to the tracks linked below, likely because they were on loop during the time i wrote the song this past august.

horns, harmonica and harmonies if you're into that sort of thing.

my song inspo playlist

behind The scenes 35 MM film from THE recording SESSION

this march, i got to see one of my favourite canadian artists out there doing it right now. i snapped a couple photos, but was mostly in a trance singing along from the front row.

if you're into catchy hooks, crunchy guitar riffs, and a little yeehaw, definitely add her to your radar and try to catch a show for a look inside the real magic of her music.

this is one of my favourite tracks from her 2022 debut album titled "all blue"

MY 35 mm film from warehouse niagara concert hall

the first week of may i'll be hosting sessions in toronto based around architecture

this means exploring beautiful streets, creative design and an environment designed for cinematic moments while still allowing the scenery speak for itself.

if you'd like to book one of these sessions shot on both film, and digital, fill out the form below and claim your date for only $400 including tax (over $100 savings)

REMINDER: engagement session season is upon us

and with the weather warming, may and june sessions fill up at the quickest rate, followed by september and october as the runner ups.

this year, i have 7 engagement sessions in june alone. most of them taking place at cottages or in cozy city condos which is so dreamy for light and love that time of year.

a gentle reminder for all the folks hoping to book in, to keep these bits of info in mind and reach out soon :)

okay, this has been fun!

the purpose of this little blog post is to create a low pressure way to check in with you all month to month or so. connect. share. humanize myself beyond an instagram account. and chat with you about anything that speaks to you and may feel connected to.

wishing you have a wonderful week, and am looking forward to more of this time together!