My job, is to photograph love.

Madly in love couples from all walks of life hire me to photograph their wedding day, and tell their story. Because of this, I have seen all kinds of love through the years. Wild, passionate love that travels countries together and never grows tired. Slow paced, traditional love that started with coffee, and ends in front porch hand holding on a warm summer evening.

But one kind of love, has ALWAYS captivated my heart and stolen my attention above the rest.

A Mother's Love.

Mother holds daughter on wedding day as she watches the first dances take place at The Falls Inn near Toronto Canada

In the little moments...

I find my camera being filled with pictures I never could have staged myself. The glimmer in moms eye as she's watching her baby girl walk down the aisle. Checking the back of her daughters dress over ten times, to make sure its absolutely perfect. Tears on her sons shoulder during their shared dance, as she watches him start his journey, the same way she did so many years ago.

Mom sees daughter in wedding dress for the first time at a Toronto wedding.
Mom and daughter hold hands in photo on wedding day.

We could never really thank them...

...for absolutely everything they've done for us over the years. So many things being so long ago and so constantly, it would take us a lifetime to make sure it's all accounted for.

Mom helps daughter get into wedding dress at her wedding in Orangeville and Hockley Valley.

So instead we will give them cards...

...that pour our heart out, and flowers that are nowhere near as beautiful as they are.

Mom wipes away tears from daughter on wedding day.
Mom smiles at daughter on wedding day at The Falls Inn.

We will be there... laugh and cry when they need us, and hope we can do half as good of a job at making them feel invincible.

Mom and sister hug on daughters wedding day at intimate emotional wedding.

For one day, we may be them, and marry them...

...and until then, can have absolutely no idea just how strong a mothers love really is. We can only spend every day we are given to thank the woman who brought us into the world, and regardless of the challenges, was ALWAYS there bearing unconditional love and support.

Mom hugging daughter after reading card on wedding day at the Doctor's House Vaughn.
Mom and daughter cry on wedding day at emotional intimate wedding Toronto.

So from the bottom of my heart thank you.

To my mom. To my grandmothers. To every woman, all over the word, who has made the choice to love someone else more than themselves.

You are so loved today & everyday, and you will never know just how important you are.