engagement sessions shouldn't be stressful

they should be exciting, romantic, intimate + full of the love that brought you two to that moment.

every session is completely unique thanks to the different systems I use to get to know you as a couple, and how I use that information to plan the perfect engagement experience.


Kelsi + Spencer

meet the two most 'kids in love' adults I've ever met...seriously.

these two were supposed to get married this year, but as the story goes...COVID-19 had other plans.

they postponed their wedding and decided to make something special of the day that "would have been" to finally do their engagement session. And let me tell you..it was incredible.

kelsi texted me the morning after our session and said this exact thing..

"we just snuggled on the couch with coffees and went through these. I am in tears. I still feel like I married my best friend yesterday." - and it nearly made me bawl my eyes out. there is absolutely nothing I love more than hearing that the experience was just as amazing as the final product is.

It was enchanting to watch k + s run around Spencer's parents family farm, dance in the fields, make jokes, and share intimate stories with one another. My heart was literally outside my body for the entire session, and I truly drove away with a piece of them forever apart of who I am.

the photos say it all, and will forever take me back to the moment in time that nothing could stop their love, and another step in their incredible love story + journey.

shaylin + reed

I have such a sweet spot for these two.

I've been photographing them for literally years..every time secretly thinking 'I wonder when he's gonna pop the question...' and I'm not lying when I say that when he did and I saw the insta post, I for real screamed "YESSSS!!!"

I feel like I've photographed their effortless, beautiful love for so long, that watching it all come together and grow in these incredible ways just really hit home for me.

s + s have been together since they were in grade 10! They actually met in grade 3 where they attended the same elementary school, but didn't make it official until high school.

8 YEARS LATER they are engaged! Such a dreamy high school sweetheart love story, and I am sooo dang lucky to be apart of it!

we ventured onto a family friend's property (where they had actually had photos done at the very beginning of their high school relationship) - and wandered around, dancing in the light, and soaking in the excitement of what was unfolding.

I cannot be sincerely happier for these two incredible souls, and am beaming with excitement for all that's to come!

Hailey + Kyle

These guys took my heart strings, and just stole them!!! Seriously.

Hailey + Kyle booked me without even meeting me first, for their wedding next September. They seemed incredibly sweet and were SO excited about their engagement session where we'd finally all be able to hang out. When I found out their 7 month old golden doodle named Leia (ahem, Star Wars) would be coming along...I knew they were my kinda people!

H + K met at a camp counselling job when they were teenagers...and are now engaged, own a house together, and share this amazing fur baby..11 YEARS IN I might add!


They are tying the knot at Holland Marsh Winery next year and I am counting down the freakin days.

Becky + Connor

Man oh man, where do I start with these two? I actually went to high school with these cuties, so photographing their engagement was nothing short of a good time. We listened to music, laughed a lot, and even smoked a lil healthy herb haha. These guys are the perfect example of how gorgeous. photos come out when you focus on nothing other than having a blast + being authentically you! I cannot freakin wait until their May wedding + am so ready for all the rad times to come with them!