after having photographed a lot of weddings, there's some stuff i've learned no one tells couples ahead of time...

little tips, and tricks to help your day run more smoothly, and transition through events with ease.

throughout this quick read, you'll want to take some notes

i promise there is valuable knowledge here!

boutonnière blues

if you've got one, practice ahead of time putting it on. otherwise, have a friend who will be nearby on the wedding day know how. this finishing touch often times ends up being a time consumer when the youtube tutorials have to come out.

ironed out

chances are, dresses and suits alike will need an ironing for the wedding day. it's best to do this the night before and have the garments stored for the next day. there are often times a wait to iron clothing the day of, depending on space, outlets and the time each piece takes.

clarity in collaboration

if you have specific must haves for your wedding, like a certain flower in your bouquet, or a photo that replicates an old photo of your grandparents, let your vendors know. the more information you can give us about the way you envision your day and what aspects matter to you, the closer we can get to providing this service. don't worry, we don't find it annoying, we know you trust us. your inspo is never bad and highly welcomed!

check your(shelves)

if you have special items in your life that you'd like to incorporate into your day, do it! was there a book your grandfather used to read to you as a kid? bring it! your mothers engagement and wedding ring? bring it! a throw pillow that was on your parents couch growing up (and still is)? bring it! these personal items may not seem "traditional" when you think of flat lays, but they can be styled in much more fun ways, and also used in detail photos. ask your planner or photographer how to incorporate these items and they'll take it from there.

be real

your day is going to be the best, but, it is going to inevitably fly by. be honest wit yourselves about what you want to experience. it can seem tempting to check off every form of inspo you've seen, but remember "your photos are about your wedding, your wedding is not about your photos." if you want an extensive portrait session, it's better to get dressed up and do it on a different day entirely - there are endless options for post-wedding shoots, just ask your photographer!

rehearsal din'

HAVING YOUR REHEARSAL DINNER PHOTOGRAPHED IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO GET EVERYONE AcQUAInTED WITH THE Camera and CAPTURE ALL THE PRE WEDDING GIDDINESS. there is so much time for fun evening portraits, outfit changes and quality time together that will be more fast paced and difficult to enjoy in the same way the next day.

point + shoot

if you don't want professional getting ready photos neccesarily but still want there to be some moments captured...invest in a simple film point and shoot camera (under $100) that you can reload film into over and over again the future, or a disosable fujifilm camera from most department stores like walmart, or online such as amazon.($27 per) you can simply mail your film in to be developed and an email with jpg photos will be sent right to you.

let it happen

nothing in life will ever go 100% to plan, all you can do is prepare as best as possible and then ride the tide. be comfortable letting things go if they change day of, such as timing, hiccups and weather. the only thing that can make photos look bad, is you looking unhappy. positivity is key, this is your day and it will be uniquely yours forever, no matter how it ends up looking.

define your vibe


these are classic, candid and won't take more than 45 minutes to complete so you can enjoy your cocktail hour.

if you are looking for bridal party/family/couple photos that look like this, you want to tell your photographer you love more posed, and staged moments.

these are a little more extensive and will take about 1.5 hours to complete, typically these couples opt out of cocktail hour.

narrowing down exactly how you envision these moments for your day, directly impacts how long you spend doing photos at one time

(after the ceremony)

hot tip: you can break up photos up by doing a first look and intimate vows, followed by family photos and bridal party. leaving only extended family and couple portraits for after the ceremony during cocktail hour. talk to your photographer and planner about this.

on this topic, when creating your shot list for family photos, this is the best format to build it around. assign a friend of family member to be responsible for gathering these members when they are needed so your photographer is not having to leave and locate guests.

get creative with your music, and make a date night of finding the perfect songs for your big moments.

i've made a playlist of some of my favourite songs you can use at a wedding, many you may never have heard of before , linked below!

see ya on the gram'