the most important thing i've learned about art

far beyond than anything else

is that it's about finding the fuel of what makes you want to keep creating more

let's dive into what you're looking to learn, work on, and how i can help!

let's make sure we're following one another, and i also know your real name too :)

many of us want to grow, have more business, and go full time. but what has you stuck at this particular moment? try answering these: what are you feeling about your work lately? why do you think you feel this way?

this will help emphasize what parts of my work you really love, and what i can focus on for you

be honest about what you like showing up to photograph. keep in mind that doing more, doesn't mean doing better

depending what you're wanting to specialize in we could do a few things, but list some ideas of what you'd like as well :)

this doesn't need to be just photography related. my personal endeavours, mental health and relationships affect my every day life and that includes work too. we are human after all. you don't need to tell me all the details, but sometimes enhancing your workflow and perspective on things makes a huge difference and we don't think to implement easy fixes that would make our lives soooooo much easier

in your business (or hobby) with photography, where do you feel you do your very best work? it can be anywhere from editing, to client care, to research on gear, etc.

don't over think this too much, it can be simple. like refreshed, inspired, motivated....all of which are things i hope you do feel after our time together!

this is a no judgement zone, and you can talk to me about anything you'd like. as well as ask whatever has been on your mind :)